About ButterFludget

ButterFludget was an amalgamation of several personalities, all of them poised on the edge of being bitchy at all times. There were more of us, but now we’re down to three.

M has moved home, although she retains her home at The Ridge. She is a sometime poet and writer in between day jobs supplemented by her inheritance.

S welcomed M into his home until she finds something different or feels like moving back to The Ridge, and keeps trying to convince J to move there. Nudgenudge winkwink. He works with electricity during his day job and only writes if he has to.

J1 is now just J. She’s still where she is, still doing what she does, which is mostly editing and a fair bit of design, rarely writing anymore.

Although we skirted the fringes of the small press world, observing the rising stars of fiction and watching the wanna-bes fall in disgrace, often laughing over the picked nits pickled wit that graces this great internet, we’re that busy with a new project that we just can’t focus that same attention anymore.


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